Carnival King Royalty Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix 3 lb. - 6/Case

Carnival King Royalty Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix 3 lb. - 6/Case
  • Rich, smooth vanilla flavor
  • Each bag is the perfect size to fill a hopper without any excess mix left over
  • Combine 1 bag of mix with 1 gallon of water to yield 1.25 gallons of soft serve
  • Each case yields approximately 7.5 gallons of prepared soft serve
  • Great for ice cream shops, concessions stands, and restaurants
Whip up batches of soft serve ice cream crafted to the perfect cool taste and creamy consistency with this Carnival King Royalty vanilla ice cream mix. A staple at any fair, midway, or concession stand, this frosty treat that counters the summer heat will boost your profits and delight your patrons! Stock your ice cream shop with this Carnival King mix that yields 1.25 gallons of liquid mix per bag. Soft serve ice cream made from this mix is a sweet end to any meal at your buffet-style restaurant or event. Simply mix with water and pour into your soft serve machine for fast, consistent results. Since this dry mix requires no refrigeration, you can free up valuable freezer space and keep your operation in good supply!

Carnival King is dedicated to serving each patron like royalty with smooth and sugary sweet ice cream prepared from this premium mix. This mix is blended with air in your soft serve machine for light and soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and infused with creamy vanilla taste for the ultimate refreshment! One of the highest demanded flavors, vanilla-flavored ice cream swirled high atop a cone will be an eye-catching, enticing top-seller at your venue.

To use, add this mix to 1 gallons of cool water, stir, and pour into your soft serve machine. Refrigerate any unused mix.

Item #:380SSCKRVAN

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