There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a fair to bring a town together. Here at Carnival King, we’re dedicated to helping you bring smiles to the faces of children and adults with quality products at an affordable price. Distributed by an experienced team out of Lancaster, PA, Carnival King equipment and supplies are just the ticket you need to draw in happy customers wherever you go!



Having the right way to serve your delicious fair style food is just as important as making it! Whether you are running a carnival stand, hot dog cart, or movie theater snack stand, our extensive line of disposable products allow you to serve products quickly and efficiently. We currently offer:

  • Food bags, french fry bags, and foil bags
  • Foil wraps and quilted cushion foil
  • Popcorn buckets, cups, and bags from 0.6 oz. to 170 oz.
  • Raffle Tickets & Admit One Tickets


Food & Beverages

No carnival is complete without delicious fair food favorites like light and fluffy funnel cake, cheesy nachos and soft, creamy ice cream. Carnival King proudly offers both funnel cake and soft server ice cream in easy to use mixes that will keep customers happy and a tasty cheddar cheese sauce that will keep them coming back for more!

Let Carnival King provide you with the food products you need at a price that can't be beat. Each Carnival King food and beverage offering is created with the same level of care and dedication to quality - helping you to create all the delicious flavors and big smiles that are fundamental in creating memorable events.



Carnival King’s food preparation and merchandising equipment is just the ticket you need for sales that fly higher than the tallest fair rides! Perfect popcorn is easy to achieve with our selection of popcorn poppers and attractive display carts, plus Kettle Kleen cleaner that keeps your popper at its peak performance.

All Carnival King equipment is designed to provide quality results that keep up with high demand, ensuring you always have enough food to fill orders day after day. As new trends emerge, you can count on Carnival King to bring you what you need to make new – and classic – fair favorites!


Frequently asked questions

How to Purchase

  • Carnival King products can be purchased through WebstaurantStore and The Restaurant Store. As an online distributor, WebstaurantStore can assist with purchases to customers across the United States.

  • We do not sell direct to customers or other businesses, so please visit one of our distribution partners to place an order.

  • Due to an exclusive partnership with WebstaurantStore and The Restaurant Store, Carnival King is not setting up new distribution accounts. Our online distribution partner WebstaurantStore can assist resellers in fulfilling an order for customers.

  • Replacement parts can be purchased through Webstaurant Store and The Restaurant Store. Please contact your authorized dealer to purchase replacement parts.

  • Carnival King products can be purchased through WebstaurantStore and The Restaurant Store. These retailers will be able to provide you with product pricing.

Common Questions

  • We do not have a customer service phone line, but if you wish to ask a question by phone, our online distributor WebstaurantStore has phone representatives available who can assist you at 717-392-7472.

  • You can use this directory to find The Restaurant Store location near you. ( These are the only locations to see products in-person.

  • We do not ship or sell directly to the public or other businesses. Our distributors Webstaurant Store and The Restaurant Store do sell to select overseas locations. Please note that our warranties are only valid in the contiguous United States.

Product Questions

  • Whether a hood is required by your local health and safety inspector will vary depending on the equipment type, your intended use, and the kitchen setup. For this reason, consult your inspector to determine if your Carnival King Equipment should be located under a hood while in use. It is desirable to use a hood in any application where your equipment has the potential to produce grease and/or moisture-laden air.

  • To keep our product pricing low and fulfill orders quickly for our customers, no custom colors, sizing, or logos are available.

  • Our products are not nut-free, and you should purchase with caution if you, your customers, students, or children have nut allergies. 


  • Please go to the Webstaurant Store or The Restaurant Store site and locate your item page for your warranty information. If you need further assistance or cannot locate your item, please contact the location you purchased the item from with your order number.

    Webstaurant Store: 717-392-7472

    The Restaurant Store: 717-392-7261

  • We are happy to check the warranty status for you. The original order number with the company where the unit was purchased will serve as your proof of purchase. All warranties run from the date of arrival at your location.

  • If your product is within the warranty period/valid, you can reach out to the company you purchased the product from with your order number. The order number will serve as your Proof of Purchase.

  • Please use your preferred local technician outside of warranty. If you need help looking for one you can check the CFESA website directory for certified technicians in your area.