Carnival King CCM21CTK Cotton Candy Machine with 21" Stainless Steel Bowl, Floss Bubble, and Cart - 110V, 1050W

Carnival King CCM21CTK Cotton Candy Machine with 21 inch Stainless Steel Bowl, Floss Bubble, and Cart - 110V, 1050W
  • Makes 2 cones per minute (120 per hour) with 21” stainless steel bowl and simple controls
  • Spinning head with metal construction releases cotton candy vertically to prevent clogging
  • Equipped with plastic net and stabilizing clips to easily create fluffy cones
  • Conveniently mobile and complete with side shelves and a clear floss bubble
  • Pays for itself in just a few hours; 110V, 1050W
Quickly and effortlessly spin an American classic with this Carnival King CCM21CTK cotton candy machine! With a steady production rate of 2 cones per minute, this machine makes it easy for you to keep up with high demand and the increased impulse sales that are sure to come as a result of the included cart assembly. The attractive pink cart has a handy deep well design so the machine sits lower in the cart for easier and more efficient access to product. Each of the side shelves even comes with 3 holes to effectively hold and merchandise fresh cotton candy cones!

Using this cotton candy machine couldn't be easier! Simply turn on the power and heat, and within minutes you'll be making delicious cotton candy for your snack stand, carnival, or fairground. A stabilizer net is included to give the floss a highly effective surface to stick to so you can make neat, professional cotton candy cones without any floss escaping the bowl.

Since this machine comes with a floss bubble, you can keep your cotton candy clean and contained within the unit but still visible to customers and ready to serve. This component features a cut-out section so you can easily access the cotton candy and quickly serve up your colorful creation to eager customers! Great for merchandising but light and easy to transport, the floss bubble sits loosely atop the rim of the machine so precautions may be needed when the unit is used outside in windy conditions.

This unit's reliable belt-driven operation relies on 1050W of power for high volume production and features a large 21" diameter stainless steel bowl to stand tough against the rigors of everyday use. It also comes with clamps that hold down the bowl during use to minimize vibration, making operation smooth and quiet! This cotton candy machine requires a 110V electrical connection for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 35 3/4"
Depth: 20 1/2"
Height: 35"
Bowl Diameter: 21"
Bubble Diameter: 21"
Bubble Height: 13"

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Item #:382CCM21CTK

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