Carnival King HDRG24 24 Hot Dog Roller Grill with 9 Rollers and Sneeze Guard - 120V, 1170W

Carnival King HDRG24 24 Hot Dog Roller Grill with 9 Rollers and Sneeze Guard - 120V, 1170W
  • Versatile machine that is great for hot dogs, egg rolls, taquitos, and sausages
  • Includes an acrylic sneeze guard with a single door to protect food while it's on display
  • 9 stainless steel rollers rotate 360 degrees for even cooking
  • Independent front and rear infinite controls allow simultaneous cooking and holding
  • Removable drip tray allows for quick and easy cleanup at the end of each use; 120V, 1170W
Searching for the perfect roller grill for your small business or concession stand? Look no further than this compact Carnival King HDRG24 hot dog roller grill! It features 9 stainless steel rollers that can hold up to 24 hot dogs at a time and comes with an acrylic sneeze guard making it easy to use at a concession stand, fundraiser, or school event.

Dual temperature controls backed by 1170W of heating power provide independent control over the front rollers and the rear rollers so that you can either prepare two different types of food at the same time, or use the separate zones to simultaneously cook and hold your most popular product.

This unit comes with an acrylic sneeze guard which offers a great way to keep your hot dogs, breakfast sausages, and eggrolls protected from airborne contaminants during the busy hours at your snack bar, concession stand, or convenience store. It features a single door for convenient access.

This versatile unit isn't limited to just hot dogs either, as it can easily cook egg rolls, taquitos, sausages, and more! End of day cleaning couldn't be any simpler thanks to a removable drip tray that catches excess juices and oils, as well as the rollers that just need to be wiped down with warm soapy water and a clean, soft cloth. It requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

Grill Dimensions:
Left to Right: 22 1/2"
Front to Back: 16"
Height: 7"

Sneeze Guard Dimensions:
Left to Right: 23 1/4"
Front to Back: 15 7/16"
Height: 8"

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Item #:382HDRG24K

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