Carnival King ICS250 Ice Shaver - 120V, 1/3 HP

Carnival King ICS250 Ice Shaver - 120V, 1/3 HP
  • High-capacity 4 lb. aluminum alloy hopper produces up to 500 lb. an hour or 8 lb. a minute
  • Compact build with adjustable shave settings for shaved ice, sno-balls, and iced beverages
  • Safety switch on hopper lid prevents accidents
  • Includes convenient foot pedal for hands-free operation
  • Removable drip tray and drain with 47" drain hose make operation sanitary and simple; 120V, 1/3 HP
Serve delicious shaved ice, iced beverages, or sno-balls in a variety of tasty flavors with the Carnival King ICS250 ice shaver with foot pedal! This machine can shave up to 8 lb. per minute or 500 lb. an hour of fluffy, snow-textured ice to ensure you have a constant supply of ice during your busiest hours. Its durable 4 lb. aluminum alloy hopper, paddle, and adjustable shave settings accommodate a wide range of ice consistencies, from coarse, to fine, to fluffy. The user-friendly controls and high capacity make it easy to turn tempered, cubed, or bagged ice into fresh and made-to-order treats. The foot pedal easily provides hands-free operation so you can effortlessly process ice.

Bring the increasingly popular varieties of shaved ice to your customers by adding this unit to your cocktail bar, concession stand, or food truck! Incorporate diverse toppings like frozen fruit, condensed milk, matcha, or syrups into your iced delicacies and watch your customers keep coming back for more! Or, use this versatile unit with Regal cocktail syrups to create quick and easy iced cocktails like margaritas, Moscow mules, or mint juleps at your bar or pub! The powerful 1/3 HP motor is designed to give you the power and reliability you need throughout the day. Thanks to its safety switch and removable drip tray, you can be sure that your ice-shaving operation is both safe and sanitary! This unit also includes a drain with a 47" drain hose to remove excess water from your machine at the end of the night. Great for concession stands, carnivals, or specialty shops, customers will enjoy a refreshing ice treat during the hot summer months! This unit requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 11 1/2"
Depth: 13 7/8"
Height: 17"

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