Carnival King PM1360 12 oz. Commercial Popcorn Machine / Popper with Cart - 120V, 1360W

Carnival King PM1360 12 oz. Commercial Popcorn Machine / Popper with Cart - 120V, 1360W
  • Best value in the market, draws a crowd wherever you go and pays for itself in a few hours
  • Mobile cart with adjustable non-marking front feet and 18" rear wheels
  • Quick and easy operation; cabinet can hold up to 65 ounces of popcorn, ideal for mid-level demand
  • Includes a popcorn scoop, measuring cups, crumb tray, and cart for convenience
  • 12 oz. kettle makes 200 oz. of popcorn per hour; 120V, 1360W
For a commercial popcorn popper that can quickly produce bucket after bucket of fresh, buttery popcorn for hungry customers, look to the Carnival King PM1360 12 oz. commercial popcorn machine / popper with a cart! Boasting 1360W of power, this machine will keep hot popcorn flowing as quickly as your customers can eat it up! Plus, since it comes with a mobile cart that lets you take your popcorn machine on the go, you can set up your popcorn operation where the customers are.

This popper is incredibly easy to use, with just three switches to control the unit: turn, heat, and warming. It contains a 12 oz. stainless steel kettle that only needs a few minutes to warm up, an ideal feature for medium-volume businesses. The larger kettle means there is less time needed to prepare another kettle and more time for interacting with customers. Plus, this popper can pay for itself in just a few hours, as the kettle produces up to 200 oz. of popcorn per hour, and the cabinet can hold up to 65 oz. of popcorn! Once the unit is finished cooking, the hot, finished popcorn falls to the popper's warm deck, where it's kept fresh until you're ready to serve. This unit will catch the eye of passing customers with its 60W warmer light, which brightly illuminates the finished popcorn for excellent merchandising.

Cleanup is just as simple as the popping process because the stainless steel kettle and crumb tray are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance, and the stainless steel frame can easily be wiped down. The front, back, and side see-through clear panels that make up the viewing area are all made of heavy-duty plastic for impressive durability, and the doors come standard with a magnetic latch for quick and easy operation.

The included popcorn cart is the best way to prominently display your popper and finished product while allowing it to be moved easily around your business, school carnival, or event venue. Designed for indoor use, this cart is ideal for locations with limited counter space. The brightly colored cart provides an eye-catching display when paired with your illuminated popcorn popper. With its sturdy side handle and dual 18" rear wheels, this unit not only looks great, but also provides the versatility to move your machine for cleaning and routine maintenance! Two adjustable, non-marking feet are also included to keep your cart level on any surface. The cart comes standard with a side shelf to conveniently hold scoops, popcorn cups, or any other necessary supplies to help make your popcorn sales soar! Plus, the inner cabinet offers even more storage capacity. It's covered by a door with a magnetic clasp for a clean, professional look all around.

This unit comes with a popcorn scoop and measuring cups to help make your popcorn sales soar on day one. A safety circuit breaker is also included to prevent motor burnout. This popper requires a 120V electrical connection.

Popper Dimensions:
Left to Right: 17 3/4"
Front to Back: 14 3/4"
Height: 29 1/2"
Capacity: 12 oz.

Cart Dimensions:
Left to Right: 31"
Front to Back: 20"
Height: 35 3/4"

Shelf Dimensions:
Width: 7 3/4"
Depth: 12 1/4"

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Item #:382PM1360KIT

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