Carnival King PM850 8 oz. Commercial Popcorn Machine / Popper - 120V, 850W

Carnival King PM850 8 oz. Commercial Popcorn Machine / Popper - 120V, 850W
  • Best value in the market and can pay for itself in a few hours; ideal for mid-level demand
  • Makes 150 oz. per hour—our most versatile popcorn machine; cabinet can hold up to 50 oz. of popcorn
  • Quick and easy operation, magnetic latch and easy-open doors
  • Includes a popcorn scoop, measuring spoons, and a removable crumb tray for convenience
  • Durable stainless steel frame, stainless steel 8 oz. kettle with 850W of popping power
Make buckets of delicious popcorn for your eager customers with this Carnival King PM850 8 oz. commercial popcorn popper! You'll be producing fresh popcorn for the masses almost immediately since the stainless steel kettle, with its 850W of heating power, needs just 3-4 minutes to preheat. Once the unit begins cooking, finished popcorn falls to the popper's warming deck, which can hold up to 50 oz. of popcorn, where it's kept fresh until you're ready to serve.

That crisp, tantalizing popcorn will easily catch the customer's eye through the crystal-clear windows under the PM850 popper's warmer light, which illuminates the popcorn for excellent merchandising. The powerful motor boasts impressively silent operation to give you the production you need without distracting customers.

An excellent addition to state fairs, stadiums, and fundraising events, this popper comes with a small plastic scoop and measuring spoons that makes operation a breeze right out of the box! The front, back, and side see-through clear panels that make up the cabinet are all made of heavy-duty plastic, while the removable crumb tray, kettle, and the interior top / bottom are made of stainless steel. The unit's red frame is stainless steel as well, while the top is constructed of powder-coated steel for impressive durability. The removable stainless steel kettle and kernel tray make cleaning a breeze, while the 3/4" rubber feet prevent scuff marks and provide additional stability. This unit requires a 120V electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Top Left to Right: 20 3/4"
Top Front to Back: 17 3/4"
Bottom Left to Right: 17 3/4"
Bottom Front to Back: 14 3/4"
Height: 24 7/16" California AB1200 Information:  This product contains PFAS or chemical substances relevant to CA AB1200. For more information, visit Clark Associates' AB1200 disclosure page. Información sobre California AB1200:  Este producto contiene las sustancias perfluoroalquiladas y polifluoroalquiladas (PFAS, por sus siglas en inglés) o sustancias químicas relevantes para CA AB 1200. Para obtener más información sobre PFAS o otros químicos de este producto, visite: Clark Associates' AB1200 página de divulgación.

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