Carnival King Spicy Cayenne Popcorn Seasoning 16 oz.

Carnival King Spicy Cayenne Popcorn Seasoning 16 oz.
  • Spicy seasoning with just the right amount of heat
  • Very fine particle size blends easily into recipes
  • Versatile seasoning powder can be used with popcorn, fries, appetizers, breadings, and batters
  • Perfect for concession stands, snack bars, and cafeterias
  • Convenient 16 oz. container features a flip-top lid for easy dispensing
Create satisfying seasoned popcorn that your customers will crave using this Carnival King 16 oz. spicy cayenne popcorn seasoning! Providing high-quality products at a great value, this powdered seasoning packs a spicy punch. This product is packaged in a 16 oz. container with a convenient flip-top lid that makes it easy to cleanly measure and dispense seasoning, saving you time during prep to keep wait times low and customers happy. Try offering it at your trendy self-serve popcorn bar to allow your guests to customize the flavor of their salty snacks! Suited perfectly for use in your theater's concession stand, snack bar, or cafeteria, this product elevates your average popcorn offerings and brings a new flavor profile to this popular snack.

The fine consistency of this popcorn seasoning is made to cling to each individual kernel, ensuring a uniform taste and bold flavor in each bite. Plus, this spicy seasoning isn't just for popcorn, as it can be used to coat nuts, pretzels, and other snacks for a salty treat with just the right amount of heat. You can even use it in sauces, seasoning mixes, marinades, and batters, or blend it quickly and easily into other signature recipes. Popcorn is a popular treat among all ages, so serving this unique option in your establishment is sure to maximize profits and boost impulse sales. With a 16 oz. container, this ensures you'll be able to keep up with demand and season enough popcorn for your busiest hours.

Offering quality concession equipment and supplies, Carnival King provides you with the options you need at the prices you want. Carnival King's assortment of products - from popcorn kits and kernels to popcorn poppers and merchandisers - is sure to keep your establishment in full operation and help make bulk preparation simple. Look to Carnival King as a brand you can trust for your concession supplies solutions!

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