Carnival King 382PWCMGRID 8" Non-Stick Waffle Cone Maker Grid

Carnival King 382PWCMGRID 8 inch Non-Stick Waffle Cone Maker Grid
  • Provides ample space to create delicious waffle cones
  • Non-stick coating allows for optimal cooking and easy removal from surface
  • Measures 8" in diameter
  • Serves as direct replacement
For use with your Carnival King WCM waffle cone maker, this Carnival King 382PWCMGRID non-stick grid helps ensure you can continue to produce delicious waffle cones. Its non-stick coating creates the best cooking results possible, in addition to making the cones easier to remove from the surface. The item can be used as the maker's top or bottom grid and when in place, users can make waffles up to 7 1/2" in diameter. This item serves as a direct replacement and can be used to replace a broken or damaged grid or as an extra to keep on hand to avoid prolonged downtime in the future.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 8" California AB1200 Information:  This product contains chemical substances [Propylene] relevant to CA AB1200. For more information about chemicals in this product, visit Clark Associates' AB1200 disclosure page. Información sobre California AB1200:  Este producto contiene sustancias [Propileno] químicas relevantes para CA AB 1200. Para obtener más información sobre las sustancias químicas de este producto, visite: Clark Associates' AB1200 página de divulgación.

Item #:382PWCMGRID

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