Carnival King 382CSKIT Crepe Spatula and Spreader

Carnival King 382CSKIT Crepe Spatula and Spreader
  • Sturdy aluminum spreader and a spatula blade made of durable stainless steel
  • T-shaped for even, controlled spreading
  • Tapered design provides flexibility
  • Shock-resistant polypropylene handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Helps ensure that your crepes are even and thin
Use this Carnival King 382CSKIT crepe spatula and spreader with your crepe maker (sold separately) to make sure that your crepes come out even and thin every time. The T-shape of the spreader ensures even, controlled spreading for consistently thin crepes. This batter spreader is made entirely of aluminum so it is easy-to-clean and durable enough to stand up to tough use in your cafe or restaurant.

With a durable, hard polypropylene handle and a taper ground stainless steel blade, the spatula allows for effortless flipping of your crepes. The polypropylene handle provides shock resistance and is easy-to-clean, making it a sanitary option for your kitchen. Due to the blade's flat, rounded design, it is perfect for sliding under the crepe without breaking up the thin dough.

Spatula Dimensions:
Blade Length: 14"

Spreader Dimensions:
Length: 10 3/4"
Width: 8 1/4"

Item #:382CSKIT

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