Carnival King 1 Gallon Neutral Slushy 5:1 Concentrate

Carnival King 1 Gallon Neutral Slushy 5:1 Concentrate
  • Neutral flavor lets you add your favorite flavoring concentrates to create your own signature slushies and granitas
  • For use with non-carbonated frozen slushy / granita machines
  • Simply mix 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water to create neutral base, then add flavoring of your choice
  • Large handle and resealable cap
  • 1 gallon yields approximately (48) 16 oz. prepared slushies
Beat the heat with a cool and refreshing slushy or granita made from this Carnival King 1 gallon neutral slushy 5:1 concentrate! Guests will start craving your colorful slushies as soon as they see them at your carnival cart or concession stand. You can even begin offering light and sweet granitas to put a new spin on your coffee shop or cafe's drink menu.

Just a small amount of this concentrate will help you make a large number of profitable drinks! Carnival King offers great flavors at a great value, and this neutral concentrate makes the perfect base for your flavorful slushies. Simply fill your slushy maker with this flavorless neutral base and it will dispense clear. Then, after it's been dispensed, add 1-2 pumps of flavored concentrate on top and stir. This method allows you to offer several different flavors using a single slushy machine! In addition, you can also use this neutral base to create your own slush flavors with your own flavorings and juices for a more custom taste.

To use, simply combine 1 part slush concentrate to 5 parts water, and add the entire mixture directly into a non-carbonated slushy or granita machine. For tasty frozen adult beverages, combine 1 part flavored slushy 5:1 concentrate with 4 parts water and 1 part alcohol (40% abv) before freezing in your slushy or granita machine! A pump dispenser (sold separately) can also be assembled to the top of the concentrate's 1 gallon container for easy dispensing.

Make a Sweet Profit
Cost per container: $9.49*
Servings per container: (48) 16 oz. servings
Cost per serving: $0.20
Additional materials: $0.15
Total cost per serving: $0.35
Recommended sell price: $3.99
Profit per serving: $3.64
Profit per container: $174.83

*Pricing and yield may vary

Item #:999SLNEUT

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