Carnival King 2 Qt. Funnel Cake Batter Pouring Pitcher

Carnival King 2 Qt. Funnel Cake Batter Pouring Pitcher
  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy handle grip for easy pouring
  • Customizable rate of flow
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Semi-translucent for easy view of batter level
Searching for a better way to dispense funnel cake batter into your deep fryer? Designed to produce perfectly shaped delights, this Carnival King 2 qt. funnel cake batter pouring pitcher is bound to heighten production by providing the perfect pour! This lightweight item also features a molded plastic handle that makes it easy to grip and pour, even over hot frying oil. Plus, it's sure to take the guess work out of pouring, thanks to its semi-translucent plastic construction. Its large 2 qt. capacity can hold up to 64 oz. of batter as well. With that much batter on hand, you can create more tasty treats without needing to stop and refill the pitcher!

This convenient funnel cake batter pouring pitcher also offers complete customization! There is no hole pre-drilled in the pouring spout, which means that you can make the rate of flow exactly what you want it to be. Generally, a 1/4" hole is used, but the funnel cake connoisseur may prefer to make the opening slightly larger or smaller depending on their needs. That said, when you open this funnel cake pitcher, you can use a regular drill bit to drill your ideal hole in the end of the pouring spout!

Overall Dimensions:
Capacity: 64 oz.

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Item #:176FUNNEL2GY

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