Carnival King Funnel Cake Kit with 8" Ring Mold, Pitcher, and Funnel Cake Mix

Carnival King Funnel Cake Kit with 8 inch Ring Mold, Pitcher, and Funnel Cake Mix
  • Includes everything you need to make perfectly shaped funnel cakes
  • Easy-to-use ring mold features a long handle and resting plate
  • Large capacity pouring pitcher with handle
  • 5 lb. funnel cake mix for light, golden cakes
  • Perfect for concession stands, carnivals, festivals, and street fairs
Make delicious, perfectly shaped funnel cakes every time with the Carnival King funnel cake kit! This kit is the perfect addition to your funnel cake fryer and includes everything you need to start making this iconic dessert. An 8" stainless steel mold ring provides a consistent shape to your cakes and is virtually mess-free thanks to the included resting plate. To use, simply fill the mold by drizzling funnel cake batter within the ring, fry, then lift off the mold ring and let the cake float free.

The batter pitcher features a customizable pouring spout so you can choose the opening size that gives you the desired flow rate. With a capacity of 64 oz., you can fill the pitcher with your batter and pour off individual portions using the comfortable handle. You can start frying right away because this kit also includes a 5 lb. bag of Carnival King funnel cake mix. It couldn't be easier to make delicious, fluffy funnel cake customers can't resist. Simply add some water, mix it up and you've got a light, fluffy batter. Fry it up and before you know it, you have a delicious, piping hot pastry ready to enjoy.

Kit Includes:
- 8" ring mold
- 64 oz. pouring pitcher
- 5 lb. funnel cake mix

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